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The Islamic Call To Prayer - Adhan

The Islamic call to prayer knowns As The adhan, calls us to gratitude, appreciation and attentiveness–things. The prayer carpet is carried by the Muslim when he travels abroad. At the times of prayer, he will determine the direction of Mecca, roll out his prayer c... Read more

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Gracious Guest Room

Give a plain twin bed majesty and drama by topping it with this simple sheer canopy.To fashion the canopy, you’ll need approximately 7 yards of fabric. (For a different size bed, estimate the yardage needed by measuring the width of the bed and tripling the measur... Read more

Beauty Tips

Hand Massage

To stimulate circulation, rub your palm over the back of the hand and then repeat with the other hand. This movement is very similar to washing your hands and it does not only stimulate circulation, it also warms the hands. Read more

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